Snow White addresses the crowd

Snow White(Kristen Stewart) addresses the crowd to fight

Iron will melt, but it will writhe inside of itself! All these years, all I’ve known is darkness. But I have never seen a brighter light than when my eyes just opened. And I know that light burns in all of you! Those embers must turn to flame. Iron into sword! I will become your weapon! Forged with a fierce fire that I know is in your hearts! For I have seen what she sees, I know what she knows. I can kill her. And I’d rather die today than live another day of this death! And who will ride with me? Who will be my brother?

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Paul Rusesabagina call for help

Paul Rusesabagina(Don Cheadle) appeal to his people to call for help.

There will be no rescue, no intervention for us. We can only save ourselves. Many of you know influential people abroad, you must call these people. You must tell them what will happen to us… say goodbye. But when you say goodbye, say it as if you are reaching through the phone and holding their hand. Let them know that if they let go of that hand, you will die. We must shame them into sending help.

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Charlie’s letter to Jordan in My Sassy Girl

Charlie(Charlie Bellow) wrote a letter to Jordan in the Movie My Sassy Girl.

This is the story of the first and last time I ever fell in love with the beautiful, fascinating woman who inhabits my soul. I’m pretty sure you’re going to leave me tomorrow so I better say this while I still have the chance. Whether we’re together or apart, you will always be the woman of my life. The only man I will ever envy is the man who wins your heart, and I will always believe that it is my destiny to be that man. If we never see each other again, and you’re out walking one day, and you feel a certain presence beside you, that will be me loving you wherever I am.

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Dom quarter mile quote in The Fast and the Furious

Dom(Vin Diesel) gives a quarter mile quote in the Movie The Fast and the Furious

I live my life a quarter mile at a time. Nothing else matters: not the mortgage, not the store, not my team and all their bullshit. For those ten seconds or less, I’m free.

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Coach Orion gives the Confidence speech to the Mighty Ducks

Coach Orion(Jeffrey Nordling) talks to his Duck Hockey players and discusses Confidence

Confidence. Listen, if you learn nothin’ else when you’re here, you learn this, all right? This is not just about hockey. It’s easy to be confident when you have control of the puck. It’s very, very difficult to keep that confidence when you gotta take whatever strange bounces life throws your way. Don’t be careless, but don’t be too careful either. You cannot be afraid to lose! That’s how you gain the confidence to attack the game when the puck isn’t yours. That’s how you attack life… even when you think you don’t have any control. And that’s how you play real defense.

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